Saturday, May 3, 2008

IAG Centre by Wilson & Hill Architects

Explore some examples of Wilson & Hill Architects recent commercial architecture projects. Hewlett Packard Building and Show Place have won New Zealand Architecture awards. Here is the IAG Centre Building.

This development consists of two, virtually identical (mirror image), three-storey office buildings and a smaller two-storey building which accommodates a restaurant and gymnasium. The buildings have been sited to maximise their exposure to the road, and to create a small ‘campus’ within the site they occupy. The extensive landscaping, which includes a water feature, around its visitor car parks create a truly ‘park like’ setting.

The buildings have numerous features of “sustainability”, (solar hot water heating, VRV air conditioning, double glazing, solar shading etc.) many of the features are designed to minimise the use of electrical energy.

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Via : Best House Design.

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