Saturday, August 2, 2008

ABC kitchen studio by Nendo

This nice ABC kitchen studio was designed by japanese architect "Nendo/ Oki Sato" just like the "sister shop" to the ABC cooking studio, also in Tokyo, the ABC kitchen studio provides a number of highly specialized cooking services including instruction for advanced students, a delivery service for recipes and half-prepared meals, and food preparation facilities for catering, all in a small space.

The kitchen space also has a salad bar, and can be rented for special occasions. The space includes ingenious storage for a wide variety of ingredients from which the user can choose freely, another innovative feature for a cooking school.

We decided to reflect the kitchen’s lively atmosphere by randomly papering the walls and ceiling with sheets of 16 different wallpapers, all varying in colour and pattern. The sheets are reminiscent of a sample book, and serve as a visual metaphor for the variety of activities and services provided by the space.

photo by Daici Ano

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bamboo Forest House by Roewu Architects

Roewu Architects from the UK have recently completed the 'bamboo forest house' a vacation house located in taiwan. designed to accommodate an extended family, the house has an unusual exterior with its bamboo screen. a karaoke lounge and a roof deck also make up areas in this house. the treated bamboo facade was incorporated into the design to provide privacy and security whilst still allowing natural light and air to flow in.

On entering the house the experience is akin to being surrounded by an organic forest. Sun light, air and shadows filter through the bamboo poles into the spaces within. The mood and quality of the spaces changes during the course of a day and shifts with the changing seasons.

In winter, a Karaoke Lounge and Spa on the second floor, form a focal point for bathing or singing. During summer, the roof deck with its variably patterned sun-shade system and surrounding bamboo, invites cooling breezes and becomes the family's favourite spot for outdoor living.

A lil bit description about Roewu Architects :

ROEWU is a young office with a global pedigree. Currently based in London the office was founded in New York City in 2003 as a collaboration between Stephen Roe (Ireland) and Chiafang Wu (Taiwan).

Since then the office has won many awards including the Young Architects Award from the Architectural League of New York in 2005, First Prize in the Competition for Ephemeral Structures for the Athens Olympics in 2004, the Kalil Fellowship for Smart Design in 2003 and the Kevin Kieran Award from the Arts Council of Ireland in 2007 among others.

The office represented the UK at the 2006 Beijing Biennale, and is currently undertaking a major funded research project on the Weather and Architecture.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Takeshi Miyakawa | Fractal 23

Fractal 23 designed by Japanese Takeshi Miyakawa makes use of every single last bit of space. With drawers on every side and no space wasted, there are plenty of areas to place items of any size and shape.

Splash Lounge Chair by Michael Wendel

Michael Wendel created a model called the Splash Lounge Chair inspired by macro photos of water splashes.

The chair was sculpted at 1/8th scale using Sculpey clay. From there, the model was cut into ¼ inch slices. These slices were scanned, blown up to full scale, and plotted to be used as a template for the full scale model. From there, the templates were adhered to 2 inch pink insulation foam, cut out, and assembled to the full scale form. Countless hours of sanding later, the form was coated in 4 coats of Elmer’s glue to protect the foam from resin.

After the glue was dried, the form was sprayed with chopped fiberglass using a chopper gun. Once dried, the fiberglass was sanded down, then coated with Bondo. After sanding the Bondo as smooth as possible, it was painted with high epoxy glossy white paint.

Cool Chairs Collection

A cool numeric keypad chairs and hair shaped like a mouse by Japanese studio PantoGraph are pretty amazing in a nerd chic sort of way. You’d need a pretty big living room to pull this off, since they really look their best when they’re all together in their “official” arrangement.

With spindly dinosaur legs and an ever-important overhead light, the rocking chair manages to be simultaneously hip and terrifyingly ugly. It’s a is really cool concept from Mathias Koehler, you can even rock almost 360 degrees.

Part from the untiteld collection by Alessandro Bêda, here is the new project “Untilted Chair”.

I don’t know if this concept is doable.
I’ll work in a prototype during the summer. It will be necessary 100 gas shock absorbers.