Friday, February 22, 2008

Agencydotcom Interior Office Space by Sanders Architects

An interior office design by Sanders Architect for a dotcom website design firm ( )that located in a North Beach industiral warehouse. Floor area of this project is 500sf and the cost took $20/sf

In three locations, Sander Architects created specific undulating glass-walled enclosures to encourage places of semi-separation and privacy. Made from Linit "U-Glass", these walls flex and curve in plan to accommodate the conditions in their immediate environment: entry and exit, and common area.

The firm developed our own system of stabilization and anchoring to enable the walls to curve as we wished. These anchors were made from the simplest possible materials: threaded rods, nuts, neoprene washer. New flooring tiles, composed of recylcled tires - a favorite eco-friendly product normally found in children's playgrounds - were also installed in these select areas. Simple to erect, the project was completed on time and under budget.

Bifröst Business School by Studio Granda

This is another project of Studio Granda Architect for new student accommodation and research wing is the third building on the Bifröst campus ( Design & construction 2003-2005 ). It is one of a series of new buildings outlined in the master plan that has also been developed by the office.

Bifröst is an area of exceptional landscape that has largely escaped the hand of man. The site is dominated by extinct volcanic craters and wrapped in a shawl of mossy lava. Rivers and lakes writhe through the forested valleys below the school and all is contained within a mountainous horizon. This special location is one of the main attractions and amenities for the school and great emphasis has been placed on its preservation in the development of the schools expansion plans.

The program required fiftyone residential units, of which six for students with impaired mobility, a large reading room, open office space, cellular offices and meeting facilities. The building should house laundry facilities for the entire campus, significant storage space and be designed and built for a less than an adequate budget.

The challenge was to the bridge the divide between the scale of environmental ambition and a brief that required the largest single structure on campus. The plan is rational with laundry, service and storage spaces located in the basement. If there is a future change of use more options are possible due to the large windows that look onto a rock-lined pocket on the northeastern side.

The building was built in the heart of the campus with a minimum of disruption by precasting all primary wall and floor elements at a local factory. This economic technique has ensured excellent durability and sound insulation between flats. Furthermore the long, hollow core, prestressed spans over the basement and ground floor spaces guarantee future flexibility.

The building is clad in copper sheet corrugated with the same rollers that are usually used for the production of corrugated steel, a common building material in Iceland. Although the purchase cost of copper is high fabrication and installation costs are the same as steel and the finish is both beautiful and maintenance free. Window units stagger in a patchwork pattern across the façades minimising the risk of fire spread between floors. A copper shelf below each window band was calculated to secure the fire control and a red fire escape stair articulates the northwestern corner.

Project Description

Client : Vidskiptaháskólinn Bifröst
Architects : Studio Granda
Structural Engineers : Teiknisofan Odinstorg
Piped Services : Teiknisofan Odinstorg
Mechanical services : VGK
Electrical services : Bragi Thor Sigurdórson
Fire consultancy : VSI
Contractor : Loftork

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Credit Card Solution for your Online Business

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St. Coletta School by Michael Graves & Associates

St. Coletta School is a school concert (semi-autonomous) for children with severe or multiple disabilities, which consists of a set of school-houses surrounding a large gallery. The imprint of Michael Graves, one of the main concerning the postmodernism in architecture, has two important implications in this project: interesting suitability of the almost infantile language of postmodernism and dedication Graves provides systematic attention to special needs.

St. Coletta is a special education charter school that serves children with severe and multiple disabilities. The building is organized as a series of "school houses surrounding a hall.

Michael Graves & Associates

St. Coletta School
Date: 2001-2006
Location: Washington, D.C.
Size: 98,000 sf
Studio Head: John Diebboll
Associated Architect: URS.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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