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JAD International Student Design Competition

[ Tema Kompetisi ]
" Graphic Space, Space Graphic "

The facade of modern architecture is recognized as a entirely new meaning system that separates from the structure of the building and becomes as essential as interior through the various experiments; technical improvement, pervasive mass media, etc.

As various interests and attempts to transform the building surface into different aspects increase, the facade of modern architecture is developed into the new architectural status so that it interacts with people and leads to create the method of communication.

Now the facade is considered not only as a part of environmental design but also as a media of displaying digitalized information with a function of reacting on the climate. It also combines the two-dimensional graphic on the surface of the building within three dimensional spaces. The modern facade attempts to express the characteristics of the building even using the simple materials such as glass, concrete, steel, etc.

Thus, the facade has been changed to various forms inside to show its own characters of the building while outside to accept the harmony of the outfit among the environments.

1. General Rules [ Persyaratan Umum ]
A. Students who are registered in colleges or graduate schools
B. Entry should be an individual or a team composed of three people and under
C. One person can submit only one entry
D. All works should be written in English
E. There cannot be any IDs or names that identify the entrant appearing in front of work

2. Submission ( Registration Form, Identification, Personal Data )
A. Registration form
- Registration form may be downloaded from the Competition Website
(http: // from August 1 to October 10, 2007
- All works made out in English.

B. Identification
- Certificate of enrollment (each member)
- A copy of Personal ID(each member) : Passport, Driver¡¯s license,Student ID, etc

C. Data CD (Image file, Report file, Photos of each member)
* The Title of your work and each member¡¯s name should be on the CD
- Image file:
A0 size(840§®W x 1180§®L), Minimum 150dpi, JPEG(*.jpg) Format
* There cannot be any IDs or names which identify the entrant appearing in front of the work
- Report file :
A design report should be in English with Arabic numerals and no more than 500 words, In A4 paper(210§® x 297§®), DOC(*.doc) or TXT(*.txt) format
- Photos of each member :
Minimum 150dpi, JPEG (*.jpg) format.

3. Submission By Post / Direct Delivery
A. Due date : October 18, 2007, Thursday 5:00PM (Korea time)
- By mail : we can also accept the entry that marked stamp¡¯s postmark by October 18, 2007
- Submissions via E-mail are NOT allowed

B. Address
- JAD International Design Competition Committee 5F Daehan Fire Insurance Building 51-1, Namchang-Dong, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea, Zip code 100-778

4. Schedule Summary
A. Registration Form
Registration Form may be downloaded from the Competition Website (Link) from August 1, 2007 to October 10, 2007

B. Submission
Deadline: By 17:00 pm (GMT+9), October 18, 2007
* No entry fee

C. Announcement of results
November 2 Friday, 2007 on the Competition Website (

D. Ceremony of awards / Exhibition
November 21-23, 2007 at Bundang Korea Design Center, Korea

5. Award
A. Gold prize(one entry): US $10,000
B. Silver prize(one entry): US $5,000
C. Bronze prize(5 entries): US $1,000
D. Special selection(15 entries): testimonial
E. Finalist(numbers): testimonial

6. Reference
* If you have any questions regarding to competition, please send an email to

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