Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Calvin Klein New Home Furniture Collection

Calvin Klein Launches New Home Furniture Collection. Calvin Klein has announced they will introduce two designer furniture lines this spring – ‘Calvin Klein’ and ‘The curator collection by Calvin Klein Home.’

The latest additions to the Calvin Klein Home line will consist of modern, timeless pieces in keeping with the Calvin Klein brand aesthetic. The full line will debut at the High Point Market in late October, and will appear in stores in January 2009.

Concert and Congress Centre by Future Systems

This Antonin Dvorak Concert and Congress Centre designed by Future Systems which is going to offer you a feel of Heaven Cultural and Commercial Spaces. Antonin Dvorak is a cultural space and grand entrance which is open constituted from restaurants areas, café lounges, dance floors and music halls.

There are 2 concert halls with a seating arrangement of 1000 people and a chamber music hall with accommodation of 400 people. Each and every hall is created of sensual free form curves that manage to join artistic beauty with amazing audio quality that is only enhanced by the ‘eye’ window concept. People are surely going to have a thrilling experience in Antonin Dvorak structure.

Client: South Bohemian Society of Friends of Music
Architect: Future Systems
Design Team: M.Gabriel,J.Kaplicky,Y.Peer,F.Previtali,G.Roetzel
Acousticall Engineer: Neill Woodger, George Ellerington @ Arup
Structural Engineer Ed Clark @ Arup
Environmental Engineer: Andrew Sedgwick @ Arup

Office Design, Rotterdam Post Office in 2012 by UNStudio

This is an extremely fabulous structure of Rotterdam Post Office redevelopment design that was designed by Architects of UNStudio. This building is approximately 44.000 m2 in surface. This is surely going to be a historical monument in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This monument will include a vertical entrance and a 100m high tower featuring a luxury hotel with several facilities such as conferences, offices, cafes, bars, restaurants, and retail facilities etc. The project will most probably end by the year 2012 and creates a sustainable development which integrates a ‘Green Shopping’ experience for people and also offers a new urban look for the city.

Official words from UNStudio :

The design for the redevelopment of Post Rotterdam incorporates an ambitious mixed-use concept devised to respond to and enhance the original qualities of the existing building. Upscale retail facilities, restaurants, cafés and bars are combined with a luxury hotel, which in addition houses conference facilities and offices.

The design for Post Rotterdam incorporates an urban landscape, a vertical foyer, the redesign of the large central hall and the new hotel. These combined elements form a design approach which is sensitive to the existing monument’s qualities, while generating a synergetic architectural effect.

The mix of architectural presence and transparency is designed to emphasize and frame the entrance to the building. The post-war roof is replaced with a new glass construction, allowing daylight to penetrate the building and forming a connection between the new hotel and the existing monument.

The extension to the shopping street functions as a public platform, offering open spaces with flexible layouts, capable of housing a variety of functions; from exhibitions to performances, concerts and fashion shows.

The programmatic and infrastructural elements create a sustainable development which incorporates a ‘green shopping’ experience and aims to provide a new urban destination for the city center of Rotterdam.