Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Architecture Apartments Building Project in Austria, Rose am Lend

Designed by Austrian firm Innocad, this Rose am Lend is an architectural apartment building project that was recently done by the architects in 2008. The apartment building consists of 11 apartments offers an urban living spaces and the business premises on the ground floor.
The design of this austrian apartment building was borrows from the existing building includes a rose motif which is a reference to the time when the building was constructed during the baroque period in the 18th century. The building is part of the development and transformation of one of the most complex areas of the city of graz, Austria.
project details:
rose am lend
INNOCAD Planning and Project Management GmbH
construction start: 2007
completed: 2008
site area: 509m2
gross floor area: 1085m2
construction cost: 980. 000 euro
nr of flats: 11

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Marcus Beach House by Bark Architects

Bark Architects is the master mind behind this amazing beach house design. Aptly named Marcus Beach House, this amazing residence was designed at 250 meters away from the Marcus Beach Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. The house has exotic exterior and great interior design that will remind us about one of a fancy tropical resort.
The truly amazing inner court yard with the big exotic tree is the focal point of this house. Most of the rooms have windows towards this fresh oasis (it’s a brilliant ideas for everyone who plan build residence especially in urban living for natural relaxation area). This house designed in principal to catch the natural light from the sun, so the giant windows and the blinds created to aim this goal delivering a beautiful atmosphere inside. You will see that the interior created by using wooden material. Its look so peaceful and very natural. What a exotic residence. Inspiring for sure.