Sunday, December 23, 2007

Xerox Residence by Blank Studio

The Xeros " Dry " Residence designed by Blank Studio and located at Phoenix, US West. This Residence is positioned upon the upward slope of a 50’x 250’ double lot facing the mountain preserve to the north and the city center to the south. The building has several environmentally responsible decisions. The primary building material is exposed steel (as structure, cladding, and shading) that is allowed to weather naturally and meld with the color of the surrounding hills.

photography: Bill Timmerman, Timmerman Photography, Incorporated
Phoenix, Arizona USA
Via : The Slow Home


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Xerox Solid Ink Outlet said...

wow this residence looks incredible! i love the modern look of it and the interior design is brilliant.

The Xeros residence from the greek word "dry" also mentioned as a "reminder that all solutions should be in a direct response to its environment"

I think this is an incredibly amazing residence designed by blank.. and very cleverly and carefully put together and with the result you can tell they did an amazing job due to the fact that the put alot of thought into this residence.