Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Media for Professionals Architects and Suppliers " DesignerPages "

Here is the best place to visit for you as an architects or professional designers, its a place to make you get an easy way for looking a new source products in architecture and design. a new media in social networking for architecture and design professionals. its Designer pages

Designer pages offers you a central place to meet and tracking of great projects and finding all kind of products for your interior design needs, such as lighting, Furniture, Seating, chairs, tables, Bathroom accecories and many more in an easy way, just by simply entering the desired product name into search box, then in just a second, you will get what you are looking and you can browse another products trought related categories, related search and applications.

If you are trying to search industrial design products, you will find a tousands of products that available and offered by suppliers in different categories, manufacturers, tags and detail product descriptions that can help you choosing the right one for your needs.

So try submit there and become their member whether you are choosing to be a designers or suppliers to get all the benefits that they offer to you.

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Fero said...

Do not forget to send the invites to all your mates :)