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FUTURARC "Conservation / Hospitality"

Conservation / Hospitality

In this edition, FuturArc examines perspectives on preserving architectural heritage in our region. Laws do exist to protect historical and cultural buildings but sometimes enforcement fails when ancient neighborhoods are swept away by mega structures. Conquering ignorance is often the first step in preserving heritage; owners may not know their buildings are heritage listed, let alone how to begin conserving them. Then there is the practical question of whether to restore, rezone or redevelop.

Despite the bleak picture, Singapore has emerged with a success story that took decades to accomplish; then there is Berlin—a city that lost so much architectural heritage last century, but has been carving a new identity in the hope of reliving its past glory.

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Islington Hotel, Australia
Developing a well-appointed hotel with modern amenities isn’t easy, particularly if faced with the challenge of conserving a historical structure on site or preserving views to a historical building. The second half of this edition conveys a range of boutique hotels in China, Southeast Asia and Australia all designed to provide guests a unique experience; some brilliantly respecting heritage.

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• Race Against Time
The preservation of historical and cultural heritage is not a top priority for most countries in the region. Is this cause for concern? Or is it too late?
• Historical Loss
Beijing’s hutong areas are on the verge of being exiled.
• Restoring Java’s Big City
An attempt to make residents of a town in Java aware of the value of losing their heritage.
• Carving a New Identity
Berlin is still in the process of transformation and so far, so good—despite glitches and sceptics.
• Preserving the Past
Chief Planner and Deputy CEO of Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority talks about conservation.

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New Majestic Hotel, Singapore


New Majestic Hotel, Singapore
• Islington Hotel, Australia
• Kiama Blue, Australia
• Grand Kemang Hotel, Indonesia
• Majestic Hotel, Malacca, Malaysia
• Sentosa Private Villas and Spa, Indonesia
• The Avenue Plaza Hotel, Philippines
• Crosswaters Ecolodge, China
• Nanjing Daji Resort and Spa Resort Convention Centre, China
• Sanya Xiao-Zhou Island International Yacht Club Hotel, China
• H Cube, Hong Kong
• Princess d’Annam Resort and Spa, Vietnam
• X2, Thailand
• Essay: Yesterday’s Solutions, Today’s Strategies Communication Critical in Design Process

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