Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flexible Architecture, Dragspelhuset (Accordion House)

Dragspelhuset (Accordion House), Övre Gla, Ärjäng, Sweden. Built: 2003.

During the summer the building can change its form or, like a butterfly, unfold its wings for extra shelter during rainy days. The addition is for a house from the year 1800, located on the banks of Ovre Gla Lake in the Swiss nature reserve of Glaskogen. Regulations limited the amount of construction that could be done on the exterior of the building and proscribed a 4.5 meter green space around the stream that encloses the area. 24H came up with a telescoping cabin, adding to the usable surface and arching out over the stream. This accentuates the organic shapes of the design, which emulates the rustic surroundings.

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