Friday, April 10, 2015

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Check out this cool collections of small bathroom decorating ideas from spa-style attic bathroom inspiration to Small bathroom storage Ideas.

Spa-style attic bathroom
An en-suite bathroom can squeeze into the smallest of spaces. The design of this attic conversion makes best use of every inch.

Bathroom mirror and vanity unit
Choose a glamorous wall mirror and smart vanity unit with glossy surfaces. Here, the mirror adds a touch of elegance and reflects light around the small room.

Decorative bath screen
A decorative bath screen allows light into this compact bathroom. This room may be small, but a pretty peg rail with basket storage makes good use of alcove space.

Small bathroom storage
Well here’s storage heaven - this small bathroom has a large mirrored cabinet and white vanity unit to make the narrow room appear wider. Keep towels to hand on a wall shelf.

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