Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ayres Retail Store by Dieguez Fridman

A cool Ayres Retail Store located in El Solar de la Abada Mall, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This new retail store was designed by Dieguez Fridman architects. The unfolded idea wraps around the store draws the attention from the visitors, that creating a sense of welcoming to the store. The geometry itself expresses the sensuality and amutating infatuation with each perspective changes.

From the architects :

Through a faceted form that unfolds in the store, the project explores the ambiguity between object and container. The form defines itself through its’ contrast of textures, colors and geometry with the container. By approaching it and blending with it at the certain points, and separating from it at others, the space for clothes display and fitting rooms is generated.

Architect: Dieguez Fridman arquitectos & asociados
Project: Ayres Store, El Solar de la Abada Mall
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Images © Dieguez Fridman arquitectos & asociados

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