Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Higueritas Sport Center designed by GBGV Arquitectos

Designed by GBGV Arquitectos - Federico García Barba y Cristina González Vázquez de Parga on 2003 for their client Excmo. Ayuntamiento de La Laguna, Programa Urban de La Cuesta y Taco and located on a dense metropolitan area between the Santa Cruz and La Laguna districts, this building incorporates sports facilities to fill the lack of equipment.

The required program is quite complex, in order to organize services to practice several sports, mostly the usual sports for covered courts such as basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis and a space for gymnasium and fitness. Also, training and therapeutic pools were required.

The proposed building allocates the required spaces on several levels, making use of the height differences on the site. The pools and locker room are located on the semi basement level. The gymnasiums and workout areas are placed on an intermediate level. Finally, the upper level holds the multiuse courts and seats for 300 people.

The goal was to make a compact building, in order to lower costs and achieve high energy efficiency, while allowing for good ventilation and lighting. Special care was put to fit this new infrastructure on the site, after studying the heights, so you could access every space from street level. This strategy involved an interior elevator that connects the 4 levels.

The formal language pretends to simplify the global form while defining a new urban landmark for the neighborhood, as should be for a quality urban equipment. Simple and easy to install materials were used to achieve rich spaces with good illumination.

Blue tinted translucent polycarbonate panels were used to enclose the pool area in order to achieve a nice atmosphere.

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