Thursday, April 10, 2008

Secret Agent in Your Home

Have you watch the Secret Agent 007 movie..?? Yeah its has been a great movies for all times. But have you notice that all kind of stuff like Phone, Car, Mobile, Laptop or notebook and the other device that is used by the 007 secret agent have a hi-tech and become state of the art in technology for present time. Yeah just like Phone-007, right now you can all those hi-tech gear in your home. what is a Phone-007..?

Phone-007 is an audio spy device, which allows you to record in a variety of occasions such as cheating spouse, parental control, elderly care, employee monitoring or long distance baby monitoring. This cool device looks and works like a regular phone and yet it lets you spy on other people. So if you remember james bond the 007 agent you will know this phone has closest goal as secret agent tools. This Phone-007 also can record any calls made on it and it is web connected. User can receive notification via SMS or the number he/she stored in the memory.

This awesome device provides you with three recording modes which are : ambient sound recording, recording phone calls and the combination recording of them both.

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