Sunday, March 9, 2008

ARAUCO EXPRESS by Felipe Assadi

An architectural project by Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido that was located in Santiago, Chile. The project site located on strategic place to preserve auto-traffic fluency thus in order to avoid disrupting the functions. It was oriented in order to generate two large facades thus achieving the greatest presence possible. The project assignment was to build a pickup facility for online purchased gifts for busy people and not desirous to entering a mall. Some great residential project from felipe assadi can be found here.

The Program.
Essentialy, on sight storage. Pickup space, restroom and strong urban presence. Project site area A 4-meter wide and 15-meter long by 8,5-meter high paralelepiped. The entire storage room was used in the width, assigning 1 meter space by all the 15 meters of lenght space. Within such space is also the restroom and the stairways towards the second story, which is exclusively used for maintenance.

The 15 meters suits 3 automobiles in line so that the first one dictates the purchase order while the second one may be paying and the last one picks up the merchandise. Thus a fluid linear circuits is generated.

The metal structure covered with agglomerated wood panels building, has a double skin, an alveolar policarbonated one that generates an effect of transparency, irregular shine and lightness. Between these two skins, the wood panels and the policarbonate, 150 blue-fluoresent light tubes to give the idea of velocity. This graphic effect generated by the overexposition of a highway photo-picture.

The blue color cobalt has to do with the night concept, during which ours most of the client pickups occur and; by being complementary to the orange -color that dominates the surrounding buildings, generates a contrast that enhances presence among their neighbours.

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