Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Great Vacations in some of Europe Contry, Norway & Sweden

Planning your great vacations in some of Europe country is such a nice idea, Like having your holidays and travelling in a unique part of Europe, that is in Norway, the land of the midnight sun, Scandinavia. In this month ( february ) the coldest month in norway, you can spend your holidays there by doin some cool winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, or sleeding, and to see the northern lights are very frequent this month. don't forget to get great offers of Cheap Hotels in Norway.

in March, you still can have several weeks to see the beautiful northern lights in Norway and enjoying Scandinavia's beautiful greenery with longer days and warmer temperatures. There are also magnificent Cheap Hotels in Oslo , Norway that will gives you and your family a great pleasure and place to stay.

Stockholm is the prominent national capital of Sweden. Its a beautiful and charming city that has a wonderful uniqueness. Yup, The city is famous for its medieval architecture the utter sophistication of previous past to present saga. The royal apartments and the royal palace are also a keyed up tourists attractions in Stockholm, Sweden. The city hall is also very beautiful as well; as natural exotic location of archipelago. The pretty good experience was Skansen a grand museum is also good attraction. The Stockholm public library is also good attraction the Stockholm school of economics are also good for intellectual part. For nice price offers on accommodation there is magnificent Cheap Hotels in Stockholm and Cheap Hotels in Sweden which give decent deals.

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