Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Benefits of Building with Shipping Containers

Benefits of Building with Shipping Containers
The Addis shipping container construction technique offers many benefits over other construction techniques and materials..
Low Structural Cost - High Strength
Shipping containers offer a huge structural strength for a fraction of the cost of traditional timber steel and concrete constructions. Because all the strength is contained in the structural elements themselves, the foundation design is simpler and less expensive.

These two factors leave more room in the budget for exterior finishes and interior design, allowing luxurious appointment with contemporary design materials.
Small Footprint - Large Living Area
This construction technique is ideal for multi-storey dwellings or office space, offering a large usable area in a small footprint.
Short Construction Time

sample of 40 foot steel shipping container

Once the plan is designed, the containers are prepared and fitted out at the workshop. Construction time onsite can be as little as 7 days to fully weatherproofed condition.
Unlimited Potential for Difficult Sites.
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