Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Reflecting the Collection’s division into snake and crocodile-inspired forms, the tiles are available in two series of shapes:
The irregularly sized rectangular tiles of the CROCODILE series can be arranged at will to create a perfectly fitted surface with regular edges, while creating the impression of a flowing, organic form. A pleasing symmetry allows this perfect fit, while leaving the complex irregularity we expect in nature. The shining tiles themselves are sensually shaped in a concave form that invites light to come and play and the hand to touch.
The SNAKE series tiles are shaped in interlocking, diamond-like scales, to form a regular and dramatic skin that looks ready at any moment to bend and wrap itself around its prey. The shining surface is split from an elevated central ridge, highlighting an aggressive, and arrowhead form. Seen as a whole, the platelets seem bonded in mutual strength to protect each other. Smooth, strong, defiant, yet irresistible to the touch, the surface fascinates us just as snakes have always fascinated mankind with their strange and dangerous beauty..

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Canakkale Seramik & Kalebodur

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